Transcriptionist vs Captioner: Which Is The Higher Pursuit For Your Objectives?


transcriptionist vs captioner.

Questioning concerning the variations between a transcriptionist vs captioner? You aren’t on my own on this. The 2 roles percentage many similarities, and other folks every now and then get at a loss for words by means of every place. Transcriptionists and captioners each have necessary roles within the media trade.

They assist in making media and communique extra available to everybody, like deaf or hard-of-hearing folks.

On this article, we’re going to appear carefully at those roles. You’ll be informed:

  • Similarities and variations between transcriptionists and captioners
  • What a transcriptionist does
  • What a captioner does
  • Who makes use of transcriptionists and captioners

Let’s get into it!

What Is The Distinction Between A Transcriptionist VS Captioner?


Each transcriptionists and captioners paintings in media and different industries. Every process is exclusive and serves a particular goal. Let’s take a look at the definition of every process to spot what every place does, the way it works, wage, and extra.

What Is A Transcriptionist?

Transcriptionists convert audio to textual content in a written transcript. That is most often a word-for-word transcript of the audio document, useful for individuals who wish to eat the content material by the use of textual content relatively than audio.

As an example, podcasts often be offering a transcript model in their audio episode. So audience can learn the transcript of the podcast.

Transcription paintings will also be enjoyable and rewarding. It’s now not as simple as chances are you’ll consider. Transcriptionists will have to paintings in a quiet area, freed from distraction, to scrupulously pay attention to audio information and transcribe them into written shape.

There are gaps, pauses, and utterances in speech, and all this is captured within the audio document.

Transcriptionists might paintings with a mode information that provides directions on transcribing pauses or phrases that may’t be understood over audio and different directions.

This process is for any person who’s skilled, affected person, a powerful listener, well-organized, with cautious consideration to element. You need to be meticulous in this sort of process and in point of fact have a cautious ear to catch each and every element.

What Are Examples Of Transcription Jobs?

Transcription paintings extends to many industries. Those are examples of transcription jobs you might paintings:

  • Courtroom reporter
  • Video content material transcriptionist:
  • Criminal transcription

The place To To find Transcription Jobs?

To find transcription jobs on process forums, freelance internet sites, transcription websites, and faraway paintings internet sites. Listed below are some examples:

  • GoTranscript
  • Certainly
  • We Paintings Remotely
  • FlexJobs
  • Upwork


Transcriptionists want a quiet workspace with headphones and a pc. You’ll want get entry to to transcription instrument for enjoying audio and video information. A foot pedal is not obligatory. The aim of a foot pedal is to start out and forestall with out taking your palms off the keyboard.

You don’t want a faculty stage or revel in to paintings in transcription. This is likely one of the easiest entry-level careers with a lovely respectable wage.

Listed below are 15 of the most productive work-from-home transcription jobs for learners.

Wage: $50,000/12 months

What Is A Captioner?

Captioners convert audio to textual content in a written caption. While you watch TV, there’s a surroundings for closed captioning which places textual content at the display screen to learn out of your TV display, when activated.

Captions will also be displayed on TV displays, movies, films, and many others. It displays the phrases at the display screen when being attentive to track on TV, too.

When you turn on it on YouTube, it’s going to additionally show the phrases from the YouTube video.

What Are Closed Captions?

You’ll be able to see a “CC” possibility for closed captions when staring at a printed. Those are the text-based type of the audio enjoying for this system. The textual content is synchronized, and it may be became off or on by means of the viewer.

What Are Examples Of Captioning Jobs?

Captioning is likely one of the easiest techniques earn a living typing.

Captioning jobs to be had come with:

  • Actual-Time Captioner
  • Broadcast Captioner
  • Offline Captioner
  • Company Captioner

The place To To find Captioning Jobs?

Captioner jobs will also be discovered on process seek internet sites, faraway process forums, captioning firms, and freelancer platforms:

  • Upwork
  • Glassdoor
  • 3PlayMedia
  • CaptionMax


Captioners want a pc and get entry to to captioning and enhancing instrument. Like transcriptionists, captioners want a quiet atmosphere to paintings in. This can be a excellent process for individuals who love to paintings independently, have robust consideration to element, have very good listening talents, and are adaptable.

Wage: $48,000/12 months

Similarities Between Transcriptionist VS Captioner

When taking a look on the jobs of a transcriptionist vs captioner, the 2 roles percentage numerous similarities. The primary one is that each jobs convert audio to written textual content.

Subsequent, the talents had to paintings each jobs are equivalent as properly:

  • Robust listening talents
  • Typing talents
  • Nice consideration to element
  • Adaptable
  • Robust grammar and punctuation talents

Who Makes use of Transcriptionists?

start a podcast

Transcriptionists are utilized by a wide variety of other folks like pros and corporations.

Listed below are some examples:

  • Podcasters: For making a written transcript for podcast episodes
  • Healthcare/scientific firms and hospitals: To transcribe affected person histories and reviews
  • Content material creators: To create written content material for his or her target audience
  • Marketplace analysis firms: For transcribing interviews
  • Legal professionals: For recording prison court cases like depositions

Who Makes use of Captioners?

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Captioners are most often utilized by media and publishing firms however different industries use captioners, too:

  • Leisure: For particular occasions or concert events
  • Customer support: In video tutorials/demonstrations
  • Public transit: At bus stations or educate stations to inform passengers about protection directions, instructions, and bulletins
  • Corporate coaching/training: In coaching movies or on-line lessons

Variations Between Transcriptionist VS Captioner

Whilst transcriptionists and captioners percentage equivalent talents, there are key variations you must pay attention to in those two roles.

First, the core process is other. For transcriptionists, the focal point is to transform audio information into written textual content in a transcript, whilst captioners take audio and convert it to video captions. 

Transcriptionists will create a written transcript in textual content shape in a file. Captioners will create on-screen video captions. There may be extra emphasis on accessibility with captioning than transcription paintings.

Subsequent, the primary skillset wanted for every position differs. For transcription paintings, you’ll want forged listening and typing talents to transcribe content material as it should be. Captioners depend on timing and synchronization to compare audio and video as it should be.

Then, finally, the industries served aren’t the similar. Transcription paintings will also be provide in lots of industries from media and healthcare to scientific, educational, and trade. Captioning is for the media and leisure trade most effective.

Is It Higher To Be A Transcriptionist Or Captioner?

The selection is yours! Transcriptionists and captioners have equivalent salaries. In addition they have some talents that overlap, so transitioning from one occupation to the opposite is conceivable.

When deciding which occupation is best for you, take a look at your individual pursuits in every process.

Transcription comes to the usage of your listening talents to decipher every audio document right into a written transcript. It takes an actual ear with very good typing talents. Whilst captioning, it has extra of a blended visual-audio center of attention.

Backside Line

We simply coated the diversities between transcriptionist vs captioner. Those two careers each play a essential position in communique. Without reference to your trail, you’ll paintings in a very powerful process that is helping make content material extra available to everybody.

Which process are you leaning against?

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